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Blood, Brawls, & Grudges Night of Legends

Blood, Brawls, & Grudges

03/21/93 The Rock-n-Roll Express & Arn Anderson vs. The Heavenly Bodies (Pritchard, Lane, & Eaton)
05/21/94 The Rock-n-Roll Express & Randy Savage vs. Brian Lee, Chris Candido, & Bruiser Bedlam
10/08/93 Rick & Scott Steiner vs. The Heavenly Bodies (Pritchard & Del Rey)
12/25/94 Cactus Jack & Tracy Smothers vs. Chris Candido & Boo Bradley (falls count anywhere match)
05/06/95 Al Snow vs. Ricky Morton (steel cage match)
08/04/95 Tracy Smothers & The Dirty White Boy vs. The Heavenly Bodies (Pritchard & Del Rey) (Bodies win SMW Tag Team Title)
08/04/95 Tommy Rich & Terry Gordy vs. The Mongolian Stomper & Boo Bradley
11/23/95 Jim Cornette vs. Butch Cassidy
07/01/94 Terry & Dory Funk, Jr. vs. Scott & Steve Armstrong
09/03/94 The Rock-n-Roll Express vs. The Gangstas brawl
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Night of Legends

08/05/94 Doug Furnas vs. Killer Kyle
08/05/94 Bob Orton, Jr. & Dick Slater vs. The Mongolian Stomper & Ronnie Garvin
08/05/94 The Gangstas interview
08/05/94 The Rock-n-Roll Express vs. Chris Candido & Brian Lee (R-n-R wins SMW Tag Team Title)
1994 Segment on the "History of Wrestling in Knoxville"
08/05/94 Legends Introduction and Awards: Bob Armstrong, Sam Bass (posthumous), Whitey Caldwell (posthumous), John Cazana (posthumous), Corsica Joe, Jack Donovan, Doug Furnas, Ronnie Garvin, Rick Gibson, Al Greene, Don Greene, Jim Hess, Phil Hickerson, Sara Lee, Boris Malenko (not in attendance), Mac McMurray, The Mongolian Stomper, Frank Morell, Bob Orton Jr., Bob Polk, Phil Raney, Nelson Royal, Dick Slater, Les Thatcher, Tommy Weathers, Ron West, Jim White, Billy Wicks, Don Wright, and Ron Wright.
1994 History of Heavenly Bodies vs. Chris Jericho & Lance Storm feud
08/05/94 Chris Jericho & Lance Storm vs. The Heavenly Bodies (Pritchard & Del Rey) (street fight match)
08/05/94 The Dirty White Boy vs. Terry Gordy
93/94 History of Jim Cornette vs. Bob Armstrong feud
08/05/94 Bruiser Bedlam, Terry & Dory Funk Jr. vs. Bob Armstrong, Tracy Smothers, & Road Warrior Hawk (coward waves the flag match)
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