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SMW Title

1992/05/22Brian LeeKnoxville, TN
Beat Paul Orndorff in tournament final to become first champ
1992/08/08The Dirty White BoyJohnson City, TN
1993/04/02Tracy SmothersPikeville, KY
Held-up 1993/05/15 vs. The Dirty White Boy in Johnson City, TN
Smothers won rematch 1993/06/11 in Knoxville, TN
1993/07/17Brian Lee [2]Johnson City, TN
1994/02/13The Dirty White Boy [2]Knoxville, TN
1994/05/02Jake RobertsHarriman, TN
1994/07/05The Dirty White Boy [3]Warrensville, NC
Announced as champion at TV Tapings after having allegedly defeated Roberts several days earlier
Roberts had been fired after no-showing several cards
1995/01/28Jerry LawlerKnoxville, TN
1995/02/26Bobby BlazeKnoxville, TN
1995/04/08Buddy LandelJohnson City, TN
Held-up 1995/07/01 vs. Brad Armstrong in Barbourville, KY
Armstrong won rematch
1995/08/12Brad ArmstrongJohnson City, TN
1995/10/20Terry GordyKnoxville, TN
Won title in tag match with Headbanger Thrasher over Brad Armstrong & The Wolfman
1995/11/23Brad Armstrong [2]Knoxville, TN
1995/11/25Tommy RichJohnson City, TN
1995/11/26PROMOTION CLOSESCookeville, TN
1995/11/27Brad Armstrong [3]Memphis, TN
Armstrong defended the title in Memphis the night after SMW folded
1995/12/26Jerry Lawler [2]Louisville, KY
Title change repeated 1995/12/27 in Memphis, TN
Lawler's win was announced on the 1995/12/30 live TV show, but the title was never referred to again
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SMW Tag Team Title

1992/04/23The Heavenly Bodies: Stan Lane & Tom PritchardHarrogate, TN
Beat The Fantastics (Bobby & Jackie Fulton) in tournament final to become first champions
1992/08/08The Fantastics: Bobby & Jackie FultonJohnson City, TN
1992/08/10The Heavenly Bodies [2]Newland, NC
1992/11/13The Rock-n-Roll Express: Ricky Morton & Robert GibsonHarlan, KY
1992/11/26The Heavenly Bodies [3]Hazzard, KY
1992/11/27The Rock-n-Roll Express [2]Welch, WV
1992/11/28The Heavenly Bodies [4]Johnson City, TN
1992/11/29The Rock-n-Roll Express [3] Knoxville, TN
1993/01/28The Heavenly Bodies [5]Newton, NC
1993/05/15The Rock-n-Roll Express [4]Johnson City, TN
1993/06/28The Bruise Brothers: Ron & Don HarrisCouncil, VA
1993/09/11The Rock-n-Roll Express [5]Morristown, TN
1993/11/24The Heavenly Bodies: Tom Pritchard & Jimmy Del RayBoston, MA
1994/02/18The Rock-n-Roll Express [6] Port Huron, MI
1994/02/19The Heavenly Bodies [2]Taylor, MI
1994/04/01The Rock-n-Roll Express [7] Pikeville, KY
1994/04/23Brian Lee & Chris CandidoJohnson City, TN
1994/08/05The Rock-n-Roll Express [8]Knoxville, TN
1994/08/06Brian Lee & Chris Candido [2]Johnson City, TN
1994/08/08The Rock-n-Roll Express [9]Saltville, VA
1994/10/03The Gangstas: New Jack & Mustapha SaedMorgantown, NC
The Gangstas were awarded the title after threatening a racial discrimination lawsuit over
the referee's decision in a loss to the Rock-n-Roll Express on 1994/09/16 in Knoxville, TN
This was announced on the October 8, 1994 TV show that was taped in September 5, 1994
1994/12/24The Rock-n-Roll Express [10]Knoxville, TN
1995/04/07The Dynamic Duo: Al Snow & UnabomPikeville, KY
1995/07/06The Thugs: Tracy Smothers & The Dirty White BoyJellico, TN
1995/08/04The Heavenly Bodies [3]Knoxville, TN
1995/11/26PROMOTION CLOSESCookeville, TN
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SMW Beat the Champ TV Title

1992/12/12Tracy SmothersMorristown, TN
Beat Jimmy Golden, The Dirty White Boy, and Killer Kyle in an "elimination" match to become the first champion
1993/02/08The NightstalkerJellico, TN
1993/02/08Tim HornerJellico, TN
1993/03/01Bobby EatonSevierville, TN
1993/04/19Brian LeeBarbourville, KY
1993/06/07VACANTCumberland, KY
Lee had to vacate the title after five successful title matches
1993/06/07Bobby BlazeCumberland, KY
Beat The Dirty White Boy
1993/06/28The Dirty White BoyCouncil, VA
Won title while disguised as The Masked Yankee
1993/08/16VACANTClinton, TN
White Boy had to vacate the title after five successful title matches
1993/08/16Jimmy Del RayClinton, TN
Beat Ricky Morton
1993/09/13Robert GibsonOakwood, VA
1993/09/13The Dirty White Boy [2]Oakwood, VA
1993/10/04VACANTJellico, TN
White Boy vacates title to focus on gaining revenge against Brian Lee
1993/10/04Tim Horner [2]Jellico, TN
Beat Juicy Johnny
1993/12/06VACANTJefferson, NC
Horner vacates title after being "injured" by Prince Kharis
1993/12/06Tracy Smothers [2]Jefferson, NC
Beat Chris Candido
1993/12/06Chris CandidoJefferson, NC
1994/01/10Robbie EagleChilhowie, VA
1994/02/07The Hornet (Brian Keyes)Jellico, TN
1994/02/07Killer KyleJellico, TN
1994/03/07Mike FurnasDungannon, VA
1994/04/04Bruiser BedlamClinton, TN
1994/05/02VACANTHarriman, TN
Bedlam had to vacate the title after five successful title matches
1994/05/02Kendo the Samurai (Tim Horner) [3]Harriman, TN
Beat Chris Hamrick
Tim Horner was fired by the promotion during May
Bobby Blaze played Kendo in the loss to Smothers
1994/06/07Tracy Smothers [3]Loudon, TN
19940/07/05VACANTWarrensville, NC
Bedlam had to vacate the title after five successful title defenses
1994/07/05Chris Candido [2]Warrensville, NC
Beat Scott Studd
1994/08/08Lance StormSaltville, VA
1994/09/05Boo BradleyCumberland, KY
1994/10/03Scott StuddMorganton, SC
1994/10/03Bryant AndersonMorganton, SC
1994/11/07VACANTOakwood, VA
Anderson had to vacate the title after five successful title matches
1994/11/07Brian Lee [2]Oakwood, VA
Beat The Nightmare (Ted Allen)
1994/12/05Buddy LandelPrinceton, West VA
1995/01/02VACANTSevierville, TN
Landel had to vacate the title after five successful title matches
1995/02/06Boo Bradley [2]Lenoir, NC
Beat The Wolfman
1995/02/06Billy BlackLenoir, NC
1995/03/06VACANTLenoir, NC
Black's last match with the company was 1995/03/02 in Caryville, TN
The title was declared vacant during the TV Taping
1995/03/06Killer KyleLenoir, NC
Beat Boo Bradley
1995/04/13Bobby Blaze [2]Pikeville, KY
Blaze's last defense was 1995/04/13 vs. Al Snow
That match aired 1995/05/20 and the title was never mentioned afterward
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SMW U.S. Junior Heavyweight Title

1993/09/13Bobby BlazeOakwood, VA
SMW recognized the title after Blaze allegedly wins tournament in Columbus, OH
1993/10/04Chris CandidoJellico, TN
1993/10/08Bobby Blaze [2]Knoxville, TN
1993/10/09Chris Candido [2]Barbourville, KY
1993/10/10Bobby Blaze [3]Johnson City, TN
Loses title to Chris Candido 1993/11/05 in Taylor, MI but the title is returned to Blaze due to the show not being promoted by SMW
1993/11/13Chris Candido [3]Morristown, TN
Candido's last defense of the tile was 1994/03/04 in Lenoir, NC with the last mention of him as champ was at a TV taping a few days later
1994/07/29Al SnowAshland, KY
Allegedly beat Blaze for the title the previous night in Lima, OH
1994/07/29Bobby Blaze [4]Ashland, KY
The Snow vs. Blaze situation was created for the SMW show promoted by Blaze in his hometown of Ashland, KY
The title was never used after this show
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WWA Title

1993/05/17Chris CandidoHarlan, KY
When Candido arrived in SMW, he brought the WWA Title belt that he said was recognized as a world title in New Jersey
However, he never did hold that title
While Candido carried the belt almosta year, it appears his last defense was in June 1993
It was last mentioned around the time he and Brian Lee won the SMW Tag Team Title
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