Classic Newsletter Downloads

As a fan of wrestling history, I have collected thousands of pages of newsletters, results, and clippings. I'm in the processing of scanning all of them with the purpose of sharing them with other wrestling fans. They are stored using Google Docs. Click the link below to access them.

Download Folder

A few notes about the documents posted.
  • Each file posted is a zip file containing multiple PDF files. Unfortunately the pdf files aren't searchable.

  • I have not included newsletters that are still being published or where back issues are availabe from the publisher such as the Observer, the Torch, Figure Four Weekly, and What Ever Happened to.

  • There are a few of the older ones that were made on mimeographs where the ink has faded so much that portions are unreadable. A few others are missing part of a page where the original subscriber ripped out the renewal form or a picture/artical for some other reason.

  • Below is a list of files I have scanned. If you have any of the missing issues (or ones with faded ink or missing pages) and would like to share them, drop me an e-mail and we can work out a way to get them posted.
    Terry Justice Newsletters
    2013/09/08All-Star Grappler
    2011/12/18Book of the Year
    2011/12/18Championship Wrestling
    2011/12/18Encyclopedia of Wrestling
    2013/09/08Main Event Wrestling
    2011/12/18Program Book
    2013/11/07Spotlight on Wrestling
    2013/09/08Star Wrestling
    2011/12/18TNT Power
    2012/01/09TNT Times #1
    2013/11/07TNT Times #2
    2013/11/07TNT Times #3
    2011/12/18Wrestling Nostalgia
    Joe Shedlock's "Wrestling"
    2013/08/18Wrestling 1978
    2013/08/18Wrestling 1979
    2013/08/18Wrestling 1980
    2013/08/18Wrestling 1981
    2012/08/18Wrestling 1982
    2012/08/18Wrestling 1983
    2012/08/18Wrestling 1984
    2012/08/18Wrestling 1985
    Territory Newsletters
    2013/09/08AWA Wrestling Results
    2013/09/08Canada Newsletters
    2013/09/08City Results
    2013/09/08Georgia Newsletters
    2013/09/08Japan Newsletters
    2013/09/08Misc. Territory Newsletters
    2013/09/08Ring Around the Northwest
    2013/08/18Smoky Mountain Express
    2012/05/13St. Louis Newsletters
    2013/09/08Texas Newsletters
    Other Newsletters
    2013/11/07Burgett's World/American Wrestling Results
    2011/12/23Cauliflower Alley Club
    2013/09/08Combat Sports Monthly
    2012/06/16Dragon King Clippings
    2012/06/16Dragon King Newsletters
    2013/09/08Eastern/Internationlal Wrestling News
    2011/12/23Empire State Wrestling
    2011/12/23Foreign Object
    2013/09/08Gettin' Results
    2013/09/08Global Wrestling News Service
    2013/09/08Illustrated Wrestling Digest
    2011/12/23Mat Memories
    2013/09/08Mat Results #1
    2013/09/08Mat Results #2
    2013/09/08Mat Results #3
    2011/12/23Mat Mania
    2011/12/23Pro Wrestling Insider
    2013/09/08Pro Wrestling Monthly
    2013/09/08Spinning Toe Hold
    2013/09/08Voice of the Mat
    2011/12/23World Wide Wrestling News
    2013/09/08Wrestler Fan Clubs & Results
    2013/09/08Wrestling Chatterbox
    2013/09/08Wrestling Gazzette
    2013/09/22Wrestling Information Bulletin
    2013/09/08Wrestling Wire #1
    2013/09/08Wrestling Wire #2
    Misc. Newsletters
    2013/09/08Misc. Publications A - I
    2013/09/22Misc. Publications J - O
    2013/09/08Misc. Publications P - R
    2013/09/08Misc. Publications S - Z
    2012/07/19Items provided by One Fan Gang