About Pro Wrestling History

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  • The Supercards and Tournaments section ends in 2019. There are now numerous websites with this information that didn't exist when I started it in 1997. This will allow for more time to research Ohio wrestling history which is not as well documented. Note that any information I run across for pre-2020 events will still be added to the site.

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  • I'd like to give the standard disclaimers associated with any wrestling "facts." Promoters tend to exaggerate so it is sometimes difficult to get accurate information. Some sources have slightly differing information on match times, attendance, etc. Just remember, that in wrestling, many facts are negotiable.

  • A few notes about various numbers listed:
    • All attendances are for the number of fans in the building, not the number who actually paid.
    • I've attempted to list the matches in the order they occurred.

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