WF001 Wrestling's Bloopers, Bleeps, & Bodyslams
WF002 Hulkamania
WF003 Best of the WWF #1
WF004 WrestleMania
WF005 WWF's Most Unusual Matches
WF006 Andre the Giant
WF007 Best of the WWF #2
WF008 Wrestling's Biggest, Smallest, Strangest, Strongest
WF009 "Rowdy" Roddy Piper's Greatest Hits
WF010 Best of the WWF #3
WF011 The Amazing Managers
WF012 Wrestling's Country Boys
WF013 Best of the WWF #4
WF014 The Wrestling Classic
WF015 Tag Team Champions
WF016 The Life and Times of Captain Lou Albano
WF017 Best of the WWF #5
WF018 Grudge Matches
WF019 Ricky "The Dragon" Steamboat
WF020 Best of the WWF #6
WF021 WrestleMania II
WF022 Villains of the Squared Circle
WF023 Bruno Sammartino: Wrestling's Living Legend
WF024 Best of the WWF #7
WF025 WWF's Explosive TNT Show
WF026 Macho Man Randy Savage & Elizabeth
WF027 Best of the WWF #8
WF028 The Big Event
WF029 Inside the Steel Cage
WF030 The British Bulldogs
WF031 Best of the WWF #9
WF032 Grand Slams
WF033 Hulkamania 2
WF034 Best of the WWF #10
WF035 WrestleMania III
WF036 History of the Intercontinental Belt
WF037 The Hart Foundation
WF038 Best of the WWF #11
WF039 Even More Unusual Matches
WF040 Jake "The Snake" Roberts
WF041 Best of the WWF #12
WF042 History of the WWF Heavyweight Title
WF043 The Ken Patera Story
WF044 Best of the WWF #13
WF045 Piledriver: The Wrestling Album II
WF046 Wrestling's Most Embarrassing Moments
WF047 George "The Animal" Steele
WF048 Best of the WWF #14
WF049 Survivor Series 1987
WF050 Saturday Night's Main Event: The Greatest Hits
WF051 Brutus "The Barber" Beefcake
WF052 Best of the WWF #15
WF053 WrestleMania IV
WF054 Women of the WWF
WF055 Hulkamania 3
WF056 Best of the WWF #16
WF057 SummerSlam 1988
WF058 Wrestlefest 1988
WF059 Macho Madness
WF060 Best of the WWF #17
WF061 Survivor Series 1988
WF062 Royal Rumble 1989
WF063 Brains Behind the Brawn
WF064 Hacksaw Jim Duggan
WF065 Best of the WWF #18
WF066 WrestleMania V
WF067 More Saturday Night's Main Event
WF068 Ultimate Warrior
WF069 Best of the WWF #19
WF070 Fan Favorites
WF071 Demolition
WF072 Best of the WWF #20
WF073 SummerSlam 1989
WF074 Hulkamania 4
WF075 Survivor Series 1989
WF076 Royal Rumble 1990
WF077 Supertape #1
WF078 WrestleMania VI
WF079 World Tour 1990
WF080 Wrestlefest 1990
WF081 Supertape #2
WF082 Battle of the WWF Superstars
WF083 SummerSlam 1990
WF084 Hottest Matches
WF085 Hulkamania Forever
WF086 Survivor Series 1990
WF087 Supertape #3
WF088 Royal Rumble 1991
WF089 Mega Matches
WF090 WrestleMania VII
WF091 Supertape #4
WF092 2nd Annual Battle of the WWF Superstars
WF093 Wrestlefest 1991
WF094 World Tour 1991
WF095 SummerSlam 1991
WF096 Rampage 1991
WF097 Hulkamania 6
WF098 Survivor Series 1991
WF099 Supertape 1992
WF100 Royal Rumble 1992
WF101 Invasion 1992
WF102 WrestleMania VIII
WF103 Crunch Classic
WF104 1992 Battle of the Superstars
WF105 Wrestlefest 1992
WF106 World Tour 1992
WF107 SummerSlam 1992
WF108 Rampage 1992
WF109 Ultimate Warrior
WF110 Survivor Series 1992
WF111 Royal Rumble 1993
WF113 WrestleMania IX
WF114 Smack 'em Whack 'em
WF116 Bashed in the USA
WF117 Invasion of the Bodyslammers
WF118 Combo Pack: Bashed in the USA & Invasion of the Bodyslammers
WF119 King of the Ring 1993
WF120 Global Warfare
WF122 SummerSlam 1993
WF123 Grudges, Gripes, & Grunts
WF125 Survivor Series 1993
WF126 Undertaker: His Gravest Matches
WF128 History of WrestleMania
WF129 Royal Rumble 1994
WF130 Monday Night Raw Prime Cuts
WF132 WrestleMania X
WF133 Inside the WWF
WF136 Wrestlefest 1994
WF137 Bloopers, Bleeps, & Bodyslams
WF139 King of the Ring 1994
WF140 Bret "Hitman" Hart
WF142 SummerSlam 1994
WF143 Razor Ramon
WF145 Survivor Series 1994
WF146 Paul Bearer's Hits from the Crypt
WF148 Royal Rumble 1995
WF149 Wham Bam Bodyslam
WF150 WrestleMania XI
WF151 Brawl in the Family
WF152 King of the Ring 1995
WF153 In Your House
WF154 SummerSlam 1995
WF155 In Your House Vol. 2 (aka IYH #3)
WF156 Survivor Series 1995
WF157 Winter Combat 1996 (aka In Your House #4 & #5)
WF158 Royal Rumble 1996
WF159 WrestleMania XII
WF160 Spring Explosion 1996 (aka In Your House #6)
WF161 King of the Ring 1996
WF162 Wrestlefest 1996 (aka Beware of Dog)
WF163 SummerSlam 1996
WF164 Tour de Force 1996 (aka International Incident)
WF165 Survivor Series 1996
WF166 Slamathon 1996 (aka Buried Alive)
WF167 Royal Rumble 1997
WF168 Shawn Michaels: Heartbreak Express Tour
WF169 WrestleMania XIII
WF170 Final Four
WF171 King of the Ring 1997
WF172 Wrestlefest 1997 (aka Taker's Revenge)
WF173 SummerSlam 1997
WF174 Maximum Impact 1997 (aka Canadian Stampede)
WF175 Survivor Series 1997
WF176 Rampage 1997 (aka Badd Blood)

WF500 Canadian Fan Favorite
WF501 Mega Matches 1995
WF502 Terminators 1995 (aka IYH #2)
WF503 Wrestlefest 1995
WF504 Mega Matches 1996 (aka Good Friends, Better Enemies)
WF505 Terminators 1996
WF506 1996 Slammy Awards
WF507 In Your House: Mind Games
WS508 Holiday Gift Pack
Confirmed Hits
Most Amazing Matches
Shawn Michaels: Best Hits from HBK
WF509 1997 Slammy Awards
WF510 In Your House: Cold Day in Hell

WF801 Wrestlemania XIV Highlights
WF802 Raw Attitude
WF804 Raw Attitude 2

CS0001 WWF's Greatest Matches
CS0002 The Hulkster Hulk Hogan
CS0003 Highlights of WrestleMania

WS901 Hulk Hogan Real American
WS902 WrestleMania's Greatest Matches
WS903 High Flyers
WS904 WWF Strong Men
WS905 Wrestling Superheroes
WS906 Best of Hulkamania
WS907 Ultimate Warrior
WS908 Wrestling Tough Guys
WS909 Funniest Moments
WS910 Greatest Hits
WS911 WWF Champion Hulk Hogan's Greatest Matches
WS912 WrestleMania: The Greatest Moments
WS913 Wrestling Superheroes
WS914 Summerslam's Greatest Hits
WS915 Greatest Steel Cage Matches Ever
WS916 Wrestling's Greatest Champions
WS918 The Immortal Hulk Hogan
WS919 Wrestling's Fan Favorites
WS920 Wrestling World Tour
WS921 Wrestlemania's Greatest Hits
WS922 Wrestling's Hottest Matches
WS923 Ultimate Warrior
WS925 Six Tape Collection (WS919-WS924)
WS926 WWF Superstars: The Music Video
WS927 Holiday Three Pack
WW1901 - Wrestlefest 1993
WW1902 - Wrestling Grudge Matches
WW1903 - UK Rampage 1993
WS928 Excellence of Execution: Bret "The Hitman" Hart
WS929 The Face of Fear...Undertaker
WS930 Most Unbelievable Matches
WS931 Countdown to SummerSlam 1994
WS932 WWF Raw Strategies & Secrets "The Video Guide"
WS934 Wrestlemania "The Video Guide"
WS935 Holiday Three Pack
52100-3 - Slamfest
52101-3 - Off the Top Rope
52102-3 - The Undertaker...He Buries Them Alive
WS937 WWF Wrestling Entrance Videos
WS938 Sunny

SV??? 1994 Year in Review
SV971 Best of Raw Volume #1
SV972 Bestof Raw Volume #2: Raw Means War
SV973 In Your House #12: It's Time
SV974 WWF 1996: The Year in Review