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Great American Bash 2004

June 27, 2004 in Norfolk, VA
Scope Arena drawing 6,500 ($320,000)
Shown live on PPV (0.43)
  1. Spike Dudley pinned Jamie Noble (4:13).

  2. WWE US Champ John Cena beat Rene Dupre, Booker T, and Rob Van Dam (15:52) in an "elimination" match.
    • Cena pinned Van Dam (8:19).
    • Booker pinned Dupre (11:17).
    • Cena pinned Booker (15:52).

  3. Luther Reigns pinned Charlie Haas (7:11).

  4. WWE Cruiserweight Champ Rey Mysterio pinned Chavo Guerrero, Jr. (19:40).

  5. Kenzo Suzuki pinned Billy Gunn (8:06).

  6. Sable pinned Torrie Wilson (6:06).

  7. Mordecai pinned Bob Holly (6:31).

  8. John Bradshaw Layfield beat Eddie Guerrero (21:06) in a "bullrope" match to win the WWE Title.

  9. The Undertaker beat Bubba & D-Von Dudley (14:42) in a "handicap" match when he pinned D-Von.
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Great American Bash 2005

July 24, 2005 In Buffalo, NY
HSBC Arena drawing 8,000 ($375,000)
Shown live on PPV
  1. WWE Cruiserweight Champ Paul London pinned Nunzio (2:33).

  2. Road Warrior Animal & John Heidenreich beat MNM (6:45) to win the WWE Tag Title when Mercury was pinned.

  3. Booker T pinned Christian (11:37).

  4. WWE U.S. Champ Orlando Jordan pinned Chris Benoit (14:23).

  5. The Undertaker pinned Muhammad Hassan (8:04).

  6. Super Crazy, Juventud Guerrera, & Psicosis beat Nova, Stevie Richards, & Blue Meanie (4:53) when Psicosis pinned Richards.

  7. Rey Mysterio pinned Eddie Guerrero (15:39).

  8. Melina beat Torrie Wilson (3:53) in a "bra & panties" match. Candice Michelle was the referee.

  9. John Bradshaw Layfield beat World Champ Batista (19:47) via DQ.
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Great American Bash 2006

July 23, 2006 in Indianapolis, IN
Conseco Fieldhouse drawing 9,850 ($490,400)
Shown live on PPV
  1. Funaki pinned Simon Dean.

  2. WWE Tag Champs Paul London & Brian Kendrick beat Kid Kash & Jamie Noble (13:28) when Kendrick pinned Kash.

  3. WWE U.S. Champ Fit Finlay pinned William Regal (13:49).

  4. WWE Cruiserweight Champ Gregory Helms pinned matt Hardy (11:43).

  5. The Undertaker beat The Big Show (21:35) in a "Punjabi prison" match.

  6. Ashley beat Kristal Marshall, Jillian Hall, and Michelle McCool (5:17) in a "fatal four-way bra and panties" match.

  7. Mr. Kennedy beat Batista (8:38) via DQ.

  8. Booker T pinned Rey Mysterio (16:46) to win the World Title.
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Great American Bash 2007

July 22, 2007 in San Jose, CA
HP Pavilion drawing 13,034 ($761,410)
Shown live on PPV
  1. WWE U.S. Champ MVP pinned Matt Hardy (12:53).

  2. Hornswoggle pinned Jamie Noble in a "cruiserweight open" match (6:57) to win the WWE Cruiserweight Title. Also in the match were: Funaki, Chavo Guerrero, Shannon Moore, and Jimmy Wang Yang.

  3. Carlito pinned Sandman (5:30) in a "cane on a pole" match.

  4. WWE Women's Champ Candice Michelle pinned Melina (6:20).

  5. WWE I-C Champ Umaga pinned Jeff Hardy (11:18).

  6. ECW Champ John Morrison pinned CM Punk (7:49).

  7. Randy Orton pinned Dusty Rhodes (5:40) in a "bullrope" match.

  8. World Champ The Great Khali beat Kane and Batista (10:02) in a "triple threat" match when he pinned Kane.

  9. WWE Champ John Cena pined Bobby Lashley (14:51).
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Great American Bash 2008

July 20, 2008 in Long Island, NY
Nassau Coliseum drawing 12,454 ($817,875)
Shown live on PPV
  1. Umaga pinned Mr. Kennedy.

  2. Curt Hawkins & Zack Ryder beat The Miz & John Morrison, Jesse & Festus, and Fit Finlay & Hornswoggle (9:05) in a "fatal four-way" match to win the WWE Tag Title when Ryder pinned Jesse.

  3. Shelton Benjamin pinned Matt Hardy (9:33) to win the WWE U.S. Title.

  4. ECW Champ Mark Henry pinned Tommy Dreamer (5:29).

  5. Chris Jericho TKO Shawn Michaels (18:18).

  6. Michelle McCool beat Natalya (4:41) via submission to become the first WWE Divas Champs.

  7. World Champ CM Punk NC Batista (11:10).

  8. John Bradshaw Layfield pinned John Cena (14:36) in a "parking lot brawl" match.

  9. WWE Champ Triple H pinned Edge (16:46).
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The Bash 2009

June 28, 2009 in Sacramento, CA
Arco Arena drawing 11,946 ($670,360)
Shown live on PPV
  1. R-Truth pinned Shelton Benjamin (3:00).

  2. ECW Champ Tommy Dreamer won a "scramble" match (14:46). Also in the match were: Christian, Fit Finlay, Mark Henry, and Jack Swagger.
    • Swagger pinned Finlay (4:42).
    • Finlay pinned Swagger (8:11).
    • Henry pinned Dreamer (10:26).
    • Swagger pinned Henry (12:19).
    • Dreamer pinned Christian (13:25).

  3. Rey Mysterio pinned Chris Jericho (15:42) in a "mask vs. title" match to win the WWE I-C Title.

  4. Dolph Ziggler pinned The great Khali (4:59) in a "no DQ" match.

  5. Chris Jericho & Edge beat Primo & Carlito Colon and Ted DiBiase, Jr. & Cody Rhodes (9:37) in a "triple threat" match to win the WWE Unified Tag Title.

  6. Michelle McCool pinned Melina (6:34) to win the WWE Women's Title.

  7. Jeff Hardy beat World Champ CM Punk (14:36) via DQ.

  8. John Cena beat The Miz (5:39) via submission.

  9. WWE Champ Randy Orton beat Triple H (21:23) in three falls.
    • Triple H was DQed (4:53).
    • Triple H pinned Orton (6:17) in a "falls count anywhere" match.
    • Orton beat Triple H (21:23) in a "stretcher" match.
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