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1st Cotton Bowl Extravaganza

October 27, 1984 in Dallas, TX
Cotton Bowl drawing 12,000
  1. Norvell Austin drew Skip Young (15:00).

  2. The Missing Link pinned George Weingroff (2:25).

  3. Kerry Von Erich beat Butch Reed in an "arm wrestling" match.

  4. American Tag Champs The Fantastics (Fulton & Rogers) beat Kelly Kiniski & El Diablo (10:22) when Rogers pinned Diablo.

  5. Kevin Von Erich pinned Chris Adams (13:00).

  6. Buck Zumhoffe pinned Koko Ware 9:15).

  7. Killer Khan pinned Jules Strongbow (3:08).

  8. Iceman King Parsons drew Butch Reed (10:00).

  9. Mike Von Erich & Stella Mae French beat Gino Hernandez & Nicola Roberts (7:00) when French pinned Roberts.

  10. Gino Hernandez, Chris Adams, & Jake Roberts beat Bobby Fulton, Kerry & Mike Von Erich (11:45) to win the Six Man Tag Title when Roberts pinned Kerry.
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2nd Cotton Bowl Extravaganza

October 6, 1985 in Dallas, TX
Cotton Bowl drawing 26,000 ($240,310)
  1. Tim Brooks pinned Steve Casey.

  2. Kelly Kiniski pinned Tommy Montana.

  3. The Fantastics (Fulton & Rogers) beat John Tatum & Dave Peterson when Rogers pinned Peterson.

  4. The Great Kabuki beat Mark Lewin via DQ.

  5. Texas Champ Brian Adias pinned Jack Victory.

  6. Iceman King Parsons beat One Man Gang (3rd Rnd) via countout in a "taped fist" match.

  7. Kerry & Kevin Von Erich beat Chris Adams & Gino Hernandez (16:00) in a "no DQ hair vs hair" match when Kerry pinned Adams.
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3rd Cotton Bowl Extravaganza

October 12, 1986 in Dallas, TX
Cotton Bowl drawing 5,835 ($71,729)
  1. Scott Casey pinned The Grappler (8:10).

  2. WCCW Tag Champs Matt Borne & Buzz Sawyer beat Steve Simpson & Dingo Warrior via DQ.

  3. Crusher Yurkoff pinned Brian Adias (9:24).

  4. Mike Von Erich pinned Spike Johnson (6:21).

  5. Chris & Mark Youngblood beat Brad & Bart Batten (9:02).

  6. Ricky Steamboat pinned Mighty Zulu.

  7. Kevin Von Erich pinned Black Bart (6:22) to win the WCCW Title.

  8. Bruiser Brody pinned Abdullah the Butcher in a "steel cage" match. Fritz Von Erich was the special referee.
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4th Cotton Bowl Extravaganza

October 17, 1987 in Dallas, TX
Cotton Bowl drawing 3,700 ($48,000)
  1. Mil Mascaras, al Madril, & Manny Villalobos beat Vince Apollo, Tony Falk, & Frankie Lancaster.

  2. Bruiser Brody won a "battle royal."

  3. WCCW Light Heavyweight Champ Eric Embry beat Shaun Simpson.

  4. Kerry Von Erich workouts with Matt Borne, Frankie Lancaster, and Killer Brooks.

  5. Kevin Von Erich beat Al Perez to win the WCCW Title. The belt was later returned to Perez due to outside interference.
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5th Cotton Bowl Extravaganza

October 15, 1988 in Dallas, TX
Cotton Bowl drawing 4,500 ($43,000)
  1. Steve Casey pinned Tug Tyler.

  2. Jimmy Valiant & The Macho Midget beat Killer Brooks & The Million Dollar Baby.

  3. AJW All-Pacific Champ Chigusa Nagayo pinned Candi Divine.

  4. Super Black Ninja beat Tony Torres, Vince Apollo, and two others in a "handicap" match.

  5. Blackjack Mulligan & Bill Irwin beat Jimmy Jack Funk & Black Bart.

  6. WCCW Texas Champ Iceman King Parsons DCO Kendall Windham.

  7. Jeff Jarrett pinned Eric Embry to win the WCCW Light Heavyweight Title.

  8. Kevin Von Erich beat Brian Adias (4:00) via DQ.

  9. Terry Gordy NC Botswana beast in a "dog collar" match.

  10. Michael Hayes & Steve Cox (seconded by Harvey Martin) beat The Samoan Swat Team in a "Texas tornado" match to win the WCCW Tag Title.

  11. Kerry Von Erich beat Jerry Lawler in a "Texas death" match to win the held-up AWA World and WCCW Titles. However, the AWA title was returned to Lawler.
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