70th Anniversary Crockett Cup 2019 Into the Fire

NWA 70th Anniversary Show

October 21, 2018 in Nashville, TN
Fairgrounds Coliseum drawing 1,400
Shown live on Fite TV
  1. Sam Shaw beat Colt Cabana, Sammy Guervara, and Scorpio Sky in a "four way elimination" match.
    • Shaw pinned Cabana.
    • Sky pinned Guevara.
    • Shaw pinned Guevara.

  2. Barrett Brown pinned The Laredo Kid.

  3. Willie Mack beat Jay Bradley, Ricky Starks, and Mike Parrow in a "four way elimination" match.
    • Starks pinned Parrow.
    • Mack pinned Bradley.
    • Mack pinned Starks.

  4. Tim Storm pinned Peter Avalon.

  5. NWA Women's Champ Jazz submitted Penelope Ford.

  6. Willie Mack pinned Sam Shaw to win the vacant NWA National Title.

  7. Jax Dane & Crismon beat Shannon Moore & Crazzy Steve via pinfall.

  8. Nick Aldis beat Cody Rhodes in three falls to win the NWA World Title.
    • Aldis submitted Rhodes.
    • Rhodes pinned Aldis.
    • Aldis pinned Rhodes.
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Crockettt Cup 2019

April 27, 2019 in Concord, NC
Cabarrus Arena drawing 1,300
Shown live on PPV & ROH Honor Club
  1. Royce Isaacs & Thomas Latimer won a "tag team battle royal" (6:36). Also in the match were Cam Carter & LaBron Kozone, Billy Buck & Kevin Blue, The Boys (Brandon & Brent), Will Ferrara & Rhett Titus, Jay Bradley & Jocephus, and Zane & Dave Dawson.
  2. Flip Gordon & Bandido beat Stuka, Jr. & Guerrero Maya, Jr. (12:33) when Gordon pinned Stuka.

  3. Royce Isaacs & Thomas Latimer beat Jax Dane & Crimson (7:40) when Isaacs pinned Crimson.

  4. Mark & Jay Briscoe beat The Rock-n-Roll Express (6:55) when Mark pinned Morton.

  5. Brody King & Pirre Carl Oulette beat Satoshi Kojima & Yuji Nagata (11:50) when King pinned Kojima.

  6. Allysin Kay pinned Santana Garrett (8:52) to win the vacant NWA Women's Title.

  7. Royce Isaacs & Thomas Latimer beat Flip Gordon & Bandido (7:15) when Latimer pinned Gordon.

  8. Brody King & Pierre Carl Oulette beat Mark & Jay Briscoe (9:50) via DQ.

  9. Colt Cabana pinned Willie Mack (8:45) to win the NWA National Title.

  10. Brody King & Pierre Carl Oulette beat Royce Isaacs & Thomas Latimer (6:40) to win the Crocket Cup 2019 and vacant NWA Tag Title when Oulette pinned Latimer.

  11. NWA World Champ Nick Aldis submitted Marty Scurll (23:44).

Flip Gordon & Bandido____________
                                 |Gordon & Bandido_
Stuka, Jr. & Guerrero Maya, Jr.__|                 |
                                                   |Isaacs & Latimer_
Jax Dane & Crimson_______________                  |                 |
                                 |Isaacs & Latimer_|                 |
Royce Isaacs & Thomas Latimer____|                                   |
                                                                     |King & Oulette__
Mark & Jay Briscoe_______________                                    |
                                 |Briscoes_________                  |
Rock-n-Roll Express______________|                 |                 |
                                                   |King & Oulette___|
Satoshi Kojim a& Yuji Nagata_____                  |
                                 |King & Oulette___|
Brody King & Pierre Carl Oulette_|

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Into the Fire

December 14, 2019 in Atlanta, GA
GPB Studios drawing 400
Shown live on PPV
  1. Eli Drake pinned Ken Anderson.

  2. Thunder Rosa pinned Tasha Steelz.

  3. The Question Mark pinned Trevor Murdoch.

  4. NWA World Tag Champs The Rock-n-Roll Express beat Thomas Latimer & Royce Isaacs when Isaacs was pinned.

  5. Allysin Kay & ODB beat Marti Belle & Melina when ODB pinned Belle.

  6. Aron Stevens beat Colt Cabana and Ricky Starks in a "triple threat" match to win the NWA National Title when he pinned Cabana.

  7. NWA World Champ Nick Aldis beat James Storm in three falls.
    • Storm pinned Aldis.
    • Aldis pinned Storm.
    • Aldis TKO Storm.
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