Night of Champions Bayliner Boat Tournament

Knoxville Night of Champions

May 18, 1979 in Knoxville, TN
  1. Mr. Fuji pinned Terry Gibbs.

  2. Southern Champ (Memphis) Mongolian Stomper pinned Ken Lucas.

  3. Southeastern Tag Champs Bob Roop & Bob Orton, Jr. beat Jerry Blackwell & Dean Ho.

  4. Alexis Smirnoff TKO Ronnie Garvin to win the Southeastern Title.

  5. Kevin Sullivan pinned Mike Graham to win the U.S. Junior Heavyweight Title (Alabama).

  6. CWA Champ (Memphis) Thunderbolt Patterson beat Boris Malenko.

  7. NWA World Champ Harley Race DDQ Ron Fuller.
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Knoxville Bayliner Boat Tournament

June 8 - 22, 1979 in Knoxville, TN

Mongolian Stomper__
Dean Ho____________|          |
Bob Orton, Jr._____           |          |
                   |Fuller____|          |
Ron Fuller_________|                     |
Dick Slater________                      |
                   |Slater____           |
Blackjack Mulligan_|          |          |
Alexis Smirnoff____           |
Jerry Blackwell____|

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