Fulton County Stadium 1977 NWA/WWF Unification 7/82 Last Battle of Atlanta

July 31, 1977 in Atlanta, GA
Fulton County Stadium drawing 12,467
  1. Bill Watts vs. Don Kernodle.

  2. Tony Atlas vs. Roger Smith.
Note: The matches were held between a Braves double header.

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NWA/WWF World Title Unification

July 4, 1982 in Atlanta, GA
The Omni drawing ???
  1. The Super Destroyer pinned Tom Pritchard (11:00).

  2. Kevin Sullivan pinned Mr. Saito (7:02).

  3. Leroy Brown beat John Studd via countout in a "Texas death" match.

  4. National Tag Champs Terry Gordy & Michael Hayes beat Wild Samoans Afa & Sika.

  5. Don Muraco pinned Dusty Rhodes (0:49).

  6. National Champ Paul Orndorff beat Jimmy Snuka via DQ.

  7. Masked Superstar pinned Mr. Wrestling II.

  8. Ivan Putski & Tom Pritchard beat NWA Tag Champs Stan Hansen & Ole Anderson (9:00) via DQ.

  9. NWA World Champ Ric Flair DCO WWF World Champ Bob Backlund.
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The Last Battle of Atlanta

October 23, 1983 in Atlanta, GA
The Omni drawing 10,600
  1. Les Thornton beat Joe Lightfoot.

  2. Bruno Sammartino, Jr. beat Pat Rose.

  3. Mr. Wrestling II pinned Bob Roop in a "mask vs. mask" match. Roop was a substitute for the injured Mr. Wrestling #1 who was unmasked as Jesse Barr.

  4. National Champ Brett Wayne NC Jake Roberts.

  5. The Great Kabuki pinned Ronnie Garvin.

  6. National Tag Champs The Road Warriors DDQ Jimmy Valiant & Pez Whatley.

  7. Tommy Rich pinned Buzz Sawyer in a "steel cage" match. Paul Ellering was suspended above the ring in a cage.

  8. Ole Anderson pinned Paul Ellering in a "steel cage" match.
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