The Supreme Wrestling Spectacular

June 8, 1966 in London, UK
Royal Albert Hall drawing 8,000
Shown live on CCTV
  1. Mick McManus vs. Ricki Starr.

  2. Jackie Pallo vs. Pancho Zapata.

Note: This is the first ever CCTV wrestling event.

World of Sport Wrestling Reboot

November 1, 2016 in Manchester, UK
Media City Studios drawing ???
Shown December 31, 2016 on ITV
  1. Dave Mastiff pinned Grado (5:35) to become the first World of Sport Champ.

  2. Kenny Williams beat Sam Bailey, CJ Banks, and Delicious Danny (6:45) in a "ladder" match.

  3. Viper pinned Alexis Rose (4:36).

  4. Joe & Mark Coffey beat Ashton Smith & Rampage (9:11) hen Joe pinned Rampage.

  5. El Ligero pinned Zack Gibson (8:50).

  6. Grado won a "battle royal" (8:27). Also in the match were Kenny Williams, Joe Coffey, Mark Coffey, El Ligero, Davey Boy Smith Jr., Johnny Moss, and Sha Samuels.

  7. Grado pinned Dave Mastiff (3:38) to win the World of Sport Title.