Information about Ohio Wrestling History

  • As you can see, I recently changed the format of this portion of the website. By posting PDF documents rather than taking many hours to convert the results to html files, more time can be devoted to research.

  • This site will be a many year project to catalogue the history of wrestling in Ohio.

  • I am currenly researching Cleveland and Columbus. With newspapers for all of Ohio's major cities now available online, the rest of the state will eventually be researched.

  • The Title Histories section lists Ohio-based championships. Also included are The Sheik's Big Time Wrestling titles since they were defended throughout the state for their entire existence. Nationally defended titles such as the various pre-NWA World Titles, Georgia Championship Wrestling, WWE, WCW, ECW, and TNA will not be listed as they are well documented elsewhere.

  • Only major promotions will be listed. Small independents generally will not. However, a couple that I attended regularly are listed in the Indies section of the website.