Historical Summary of Wrestling in Cincinnati

In 1948, the Friday night house shows promoted by Al Haft's Quality Athletic Club (with Ross Leader as the local promoter) began airing live on WCPO Channel 9 with Red Thornburgh as commentator. During the summer, the shows originated from the Parkway Arena, an outdoor venue. The rest of the year, the shows were held at Music Hall. During the baseball season, the show would ocassionally not air due to Cincinnati Reds games being broadcast instead. The television show started thirty minutes after the live card so it's likely the first match did not air. In March of 1950, the shows began airing live in Dayton and Columbus. At the end of September 1950, the show moved to WLW-T Channel 4. There were two changes to the format of the show as part of th emove. Jim Fair became the commentator and the television broadcast started at the same time as the first match resulting in the main event no longer airing. The result of the station change was that all locally produced wrestling televsion shows aired on WLW stations. The show was cancelled in Janaury 1951 due to live attendance declining.

The Dayton studio show from the WLW-D studio aired live on Saturday nights in Cincinnati on WLW-T Channel 4. The show aired from February 1950 through October 1955.

In May 1950, the VFW began promoting Tuesday night shows at Music Hall and airing on WCPO Channel 7. Jim Fair was the commentator. The cards and TV show only last until July.

Due to the success of the studio show in Dayton, one was started in Cincinnati. The weekly show from the WLW-T studio in Cincinnati started on Monday nights in July 1950 and aired live in Dayton and Columbus. The show lasted for two months in that slot. After a few week break, it started again, this time on Saturday afternoons. In January 1951 the show moved to the WLW-D studio in suburban Dayton. October 1951 saw the show move to its final location at the WLW-C studio in Columbus. The show ran weekly until being cancelle din October 1955.

In November 1953, Morris Zaidins' Seymour Athetic Club began promotion monthly cards at the Cincinnati Gardens. This must have been done with Haft's blessing as the cards featured his wrestlers and were held on Friday nights instead of Leader's cards at the smaller Music Hall.