04/23/87 09/11/87

These were UWF shows. However, the cards
were run by Jim Crockett Promotions which had
purchased the company in early April 1987.

April 23, 1987 in Memphis, TN
Mid-South Coliseum drawing 200
  1. The Shadow beat Ken Massey.

  2. Steve Cox beat Mike George.

  3. Iceman Parsons pinned Savannah Jack in a "loser gets ten lashes" match.

  4. Eddie Gilbert pinned Sam Houston.

  5. Terry Taylor & Chris Adams beat Sting & Rick Steiner via DQ.

  6. The One Man Gang beat Steve Cox via countout.

  7. Michael Hayes & Buddy Roberts beat The Angel of Death & Bill Irwin when Hayes pinned Angel.
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September 11, 1987 in Memphis, TN
Mid-South Coliseum drawing 4,000 ($20,000)
  1. Tim Horner beat Tiger Conway, Jr.

  2. Brad Armstrong drew Shaska Whatley.

  3. Steve Cox beat Gary Young.

  4. Ron Simmons beat Rick Steiner.

  5. Michael Hayes & Shane Douglas beat Black Bart & The Terminator.

  6. The Road Warriors & Steve Williams beat The Midnight Express (Eaton & Lane) & Big Bubba Rogers.

  7. Sting & Steve Williams beat Eddie Gilbert & Terry Taylor in a "steel cage" match .
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