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Clash of the Legends

June 15, 2001 in Memphis, TN
Mid-South Coliseum drawing 4,700 ($60,122)
  1. PG-13 beat Spellbinder & Reggie B. Fine.

  2. Brian Christopher beat The Colorado Kid.

  3. King Cobra, Chris Harris, & Tommy Rogers beat Porkchop Cash, Mad Dog, & Tracy Smothers.

  4. The Kat beat Ying Yang.

  5. Bill Dundee & Robert Gibson beat The Galaxians.

  6. The Moondogs DDQ The Bushwhackers.

  7. Rocky Johnson & Jimmy Valiant beat Buddy Landel & Billy Joe Travis.

  8. The Road Warriors DDQ Stan Lane & Curt Hennig.

  9. Jerry Lawler beat Lord Humongous (Emory Hale). Lance Russell was the referee.

  10. Jimmy Hart won a "battle royal."
Note: This show was promoted on the "Memphis Classics" television show hosted by Jerry Lawler, Jimmy Hart, Dave Brown, & Cory Maclin.

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New Generation Wrestling

July 26, 2002 in Memphis, TN
Mid-South Coliseum drawing 500
  1. Tommy Gunn & Ricky Noble beat Derrick King & Allen Steele (9:01).

  2. Koko Ware beat Tyler Gates (3:46).

  3. Don Bass & George South, Sr. beat The Fabulous Rocker & Bitty Little (7:17).

  4. Kid Kash beat Jack Miller (16:50).

  5. The Moondogs beat Chuck King & Thunder (1:52).

  6. Spellbinder won a "battle royal" (8:58).

  7. Leilani Kai beat Stephanie Winners (4:58).

  8. Jimmy Valiant beat Buddy Rose, Jr. (6:46).

  9. The Rock-n-Roll Express beat Buddy Landel & Jamie Dundee (4:41).

  10. Jerry Lawler beat Billy Joe Travis (24:31).
Note: This show as promoted by wrestling fan Matt Holder. It was billed as a fundraiser for a local Christian organization, but had a strip club as a sponsor.

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