Information about Xtreme Pro Wrestling

  • Xtreme Pro Wrestling (XPW) was founded in 1999 by porn producers Robert and Janet Romano. The couple appeared on camera as owner Rob Black and girlfriend Lizzy Borden. The Zicaris formed XPW after being denied an oppprtunity to be the west coast promoters of ECW.

  • The company was originally based in southern California and gained a cult following using a combination of former ECW stars, local independent wrestlers in extremely violent hardcore matches, and porn stars as valets and managers. In mid 2002, the company signed an exclusive lease with the New Alhambra Arena (widely known as the ECW Arena) in Philadelphia. The company closed in mid 2003 due to decreasing crowds and the Zicari and Romano being indicted on obscenity charges. The couple would plead guilty in 2009 and were senatnced to a year in prison.

  • In 2004, Big Vision Entertainment bought the companies intellectual property and video library. BVE promoted reuion shows in 2008 and 2009 and appears to have plans to run events regularly.

  • Perhaps the most notable event in the company's history didn't even occur on one of their own shows. The company purchased front row tickets to ECW's Heat Wave 200 PPV event in Los Angeles. At the beginning of the main event, a group of XPW performers including Homeless Jimmy, Kid Kaos, Kris Kloss, Messiah, Kristi Myst, and Supreme put on shirts featuring the XPW logo and began harassing the ECW performers. The group was removed from the building by security. Shortly after this, a brawl in the parking lot between much of the ECW lockerroom and the XPW ring crew ended with the XPW side coming out on the loising side.

  • At various times during the companies existence, it produced weekly one hour TV shows that aired in various markets around the country. A "best of" PPV also aired in Auguist 2003.

  • In 2021, Rob Black began promoting XPW shows again. The house shows aired on FITE TV and matches from those cards were later used for periodic television shows also available on FITE TV.