Ten Year Anniversary Spectacular

August 22, 2009 in Los Angeles, CA
Arena Night Club drawing ???
  1. Joey Dynamite, Ray Rosas & Oso Loco beat Clay Motley, The Rookie 88, & Lucha Machine.

  2. Marcus Riot beat Damien Arsenick, Willie Mac, LTP, Famous B, and Chimera in a "six-way" match.

  3. The Step Father & The Red Headed Stepchild beat Robby Phoenix & BC Killer.

  4. Homeless Jimmy beat Slymm.

  5. Dante, Christina Von Eerie, Chupacabra, & Timmothy Thatcher beat Johnny Webb, Matt Classic, The Fabulous Thunderkitty, & Cast Iron Cothern when Dante made the pin.

  6. Vinnie & Monica Massaro beat Joey Ryan & Lizzy Valentine (10:00) in an "ironman" match.

  7. GQ Money pinned Mr. McPhenom.

  8. M-Dogg 20 drew Luke Hawx.

  9. Luke Hawx & Scorpio Sky beat M-Dogg 20 & Tool when M-Dogg submitted to win the vacant XPW Tag Title.

  10. Pogo the Clown beat Leroy the Ring Crew Guy.

  11. Carnage beat Youth Suicide in a "death" match.

  12. XPW King of the Death Match Supreme beat Angel in a "death" match.