Cold Day in Hell

May 24, 2008 in Redondo Beach, CA
Aviation Park drawing ???
  1. Carnage won a "battle royal." Also in the match were: Exciter, Robbie Phoenix, Sexy Chino, Stepfather, Youth Suicide, and several others.

  2. Nikki the New York Knockout beat Trina Michaels, Monica Massaro, Alana Evans, and Lynx in the "Miss Xtreme Pageant."

  3. Kaos pinned Vampiro.

  4. GQ Money pinned Angel.

  5. Sandman pinned Pogo the Clown.

  6. Khan Kussion & Homeless Jimmy beat Raven & Johnny Webb when Jimmy pinned Webb. The special referee was Terry Funk.

  7. Ron Rivera, Disco Machine, & Joey Ryan beat Jardi Frantz, Vinnie Massaro, & X-Pac when Machine pinned Frantz.

  8. Luke Hawx beat Jack Evans and Scorpio Sky in a "three-way" match when he forced Sky to submit.

  9. The Gangstas beat The Westside NGZ via countout.

  10. XPW King of the Death Match Supreme pinned Necro Butcher in a "barbed wire, chairs, lighttubes, mouse traps, tables, thumbtacks death" match.