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ECW Title

1992/04/25Jimmy SnukaPhiladelphia, PA
Beat Salvatore Bellomo to become the first champ (both had won separate battle royals)
1992/04/26Johnny Hot BodyPhiladelphia, PA
1992/07/12Jimmy Snuka [2]Philadelphia, PA
1992/10/12Don MuracoPhiladelphia, PA
1992/11/16The SandmanPhiladelphia, PA
1993/04/03Don Muraco [2]Philadelphia, PA
1993/08/08Tito SantanaPhiladelphia, PA
1993/09/18Shane DouglasPhiladelphia, PA
Santana no longer worked ECW shows
Many title histories list Douglas having defeated Santana by forfeit on September 9th in Roanoke, VA
No ECW show was held on that date and no record of any independent show can be found
September 18th is the first date Douglas made an appearance as champion
1993/10/02SabuPhiladelphia, PA
1993/12/26Terry FunkPhiladelphia, PA
1994/03/26Shane Douglas [2]Devon, PA
Douglas pinned Funk in an 8-man "wargames" match to win the title
Douglas won the NWA World Title Tournament, but immediately threw down the belt and declared
himself the first Extreme Championship Wrestling Champ
1995/04/15The Sandman [2]Philadelphia, PA
1995/10/25Mikey WhipwreckPhiladelphia, PA
1995/12/09The Sandman [3]Philadelphia, PA
Won a "three way dance" over Mikey Whipwreck and Steve Austin
1996/01/27RavenPhiladelphia, PA
1996/10/05The Sandman [4]Philadelphia, PA
Pinned substitute Stevie Richards in a tag match
1996/12/07Raven [2]Philadelphia, PA
1997/04/13Terry Funk [2]Philadelphia, PA
1997/08/09Sabu [2]Philadelphia, PA
1997/08/17Shane Douglas [3]Ft. Lauderdale, FL
Won a "three way dance" over Sabu and Terry Funk
1997/10/19Bam Bam BigelowQueens, NY
1997/11/30Shane Douglas [4]Pittsburgh, PA
1999/01/10TazKissimmee, FL
Unified with FTW Title when he beat Sabu 1999/03/21 in Asbury Park, NJ
1999/09/19Mike AwesomeVilla Park, IL
Won a "three way dance" over Taz and Masato Tanaka
1999/12/17Masato TanakaNashville, TN
1999/12/23Mike Awesome [2]White Plains, NY
2000/04/13Tazz [2]Indianapolis, IN
2000/04/21Tommy DreamerPhiladelphia, PA
2000/04/21Justin CrediblePhiladelphia, PA
2000/10/10Jerry LynnSt. Paul, MN
2000/11/05Steve CorinoVilla Park, IL
Won a "double jeopardy" match over Jerry Lynn, Sandman, and Justin Credible
2001/01/07Sandman [5]New York City, NY
Won a "three way dance" over Steve Corino and Justin Credible
2001/01/07RhinoNew York City, NY
2006/06/11Rob Van DamNew York City, NY
Beat WWE Champ John Cena to win that title and revive the ECW Title
2006/07/04The Big ShowPhiladelphia, PA
2006/12/03Bobby LashleyAugust, GA
Won "extreme elimination chamber" match
2007/04/29Vince McMahonAtlanta, GA
Umaga, Vince & Shane McMahon beat Lashley in a handicap match
2007/06/03Bobby Lashley [2]Jacksonville, FL
2007/06/11VACANTWilkes-Barre, PA
Lashley stripped of title when he was drafted to Raw
2007/06/24Johnny Nitro/John MorrisonHouston, TX
Beat CM Punk in tournament final
2007/09/01CM PunkCincinnati, OH
2008/01/22Chavo GuerreroCharlottesville, VA
2008/03/30KaneOrlando, FL
2008/06/29Mark HenryDallas, TX
Won a "triple threat" match over Kane and The Big Show
2008/09/07Matt HardyCleveland, OH
Won a "scramble" match
2009/01/12Jack SwaggerSioux City, IA
2009/04/26ChristianProvidence, RI
2008/06/07Tommy Dreamer [2]New Orleans, LA
Won "triple threat" match over Christian and Jack Swagger
2009/07/26ChristianPhiladelphia, PA
2010/02/16Ezekiel JacksonKansas City, MO
2010/02/16TITLE DISSOLVEDKansas City, MO
WWE drops the ECW brand
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ECW Tag Team Title

1992/06/23The Super Destroyers (AJ Fritzoid & Doug Stall)Philadelphia, PA
Beat Max Thrasher & Glenn Osbourne in tournament final to become the first champions
1993/04/02Larry Winters & Tony StetsonRadnor, PA
1993/04/03The Suicide Blondes: Johnny Hotbody & Chris CandidoPhiladelphia, PA
1993/05/15The Super Destroyers [2]Philadelphia, PA
Beat Johnny Hotbody & Chris Michaels
1993/05/15The Suicide Blondes: Johnny Hotbody & Chris MichaelsPhiladelphia, PA
1993/08/08Eddie Gilbert & The Dark Patriot (Doug Gilbert)Philadelphia, PA
Beat Salvatore Bellomo & Sandman in tournament final
1993/09/18VACANTPhiladelphia, PA
Eddie Gilbert publicly announces he's quitting the company and "retiring"
1993/10/01Johnny Hotbody & Tony StetsonPhiladelphia, PA
Awarded title; This is their first public appearance as champs although
they may have been announced as champs on TV prior to this event
1993/11/13Tommy Dreamer & Johnny GunnPhiladelphia, PA
1993/12/04The Tazmaniac & Kevin SullivanPhiladelphia, PA
Beat Tommy Dreamer & Shane Douglas
Held-up vs. Ron & Don Harris on 1994/02/05 in Philadelphia, PA
Tazmaniac & Sullivan win rematch 1994/03/05 in Philadelphia, PA
1994/03/06The Public Enemy: Rocco Rock & Johnny GrungePhiladelphia, PA
1994/08/27Cactus Jack & Mikey WhipwreckPhiladelphia, PA
1994/11/05The Public Enemy [2]Philadelphia, PA
1995/02/04Sabu & The TazmaniacPhiladelphia, PA
1995/02/25Chris Benoit & Dean MalenkoPhiladelphia, PA
1995/04/08The Public Enemy [3]Philadelphia, PA
Won a "three way dance" over Chris Benoit & Dean Malenko and Taz & Rick Steiner
1995/06/20Raven & Stevie RichardsJim Thorpe, PA
1995/09/16The PitbullsPhiladelphia, PA
1995/10/07Raven & Steve Richards [2]Philadelphia, PA
1995/10/07The Public Enemy [4]Philadelphia, PA
Won a "three way dance" over Raven & Stevie Richards and The Gangstas
1995/10/28Too Cold Scorpio & The SandmanPhiladelphia, PA
Too Cold Scorpio beat Rocco Rock in a singles match and chooses Sandman as his partner
1995/12/29Cactus Jack & Mickey Whipwreck [2]Queens, NY
Mikey Whipwreck beat Too Cold Scorpio in a singles match and chooses Cactus Jack as his partner
1996/02/03The Eliminators: Perry Saturn & John KronusQueens, NY
1996/08/03The Gangstas: New Jack & Mustafa SaedPhiladelphia, PA
Won a "four way dance" over The Eliminators, Ron & Don Harris, and The Samoan Gangsta Party
1996/12/20The Eliminators [2]Middletown, NY
1997/03/15Buh Buh Ray & D-Von DudleyPhiladelphia, PA
1997/04/13The Eliminators [3]Philadelphia, PA
1997/06/20Buh Buh Ray & D-Von Dudley [2]Waltham, PA
1997/07/19The Gangstas [2]Philadelphia, PA
1997/08/17Buh Buh Ray & D-Von Dudley [3]Ft. Lauderdale, FL
Won via forfeit
1997/09/20The Gangstanators: New Jack & KronusPhiladelphia, PA
1997/10/18The FBI: Tracy Smothers & Little GuidoPhiladelphia, PA
1997/12/05Doug Furnas & Phil LafonWaltham, MA
1997/12/06Chris Candido & Lance StormPhiladelphia, PA
Won a "three way dance" over Doug Furnas & Phil Lafon and Axl Rotten & Balls Mahoney
1998/06/27Rob Van Dam & SabuPhiladelphia, PA
1998/10/24Buh Buh Ray & D-Von Dudley [4]Cleveland, OH
1998/11/01Masato Tanaka & Balls MahoneyNew Orleans, LA
1998/11/13Buh Buh Ray & D-Von Dudley [5]Queens, NY
1998/12/13Rob Van Dam & Sabu [2]Tokyo, Japan
1999/04/17Buh Buh Ray & D-Von Dudley [6]Buffalo, NY
D-Von Dudley beat Rob Van Dam in a singles match
1999/07/18Spike Dudley & Balls MahoneyDayton, OH
1999/08/13Buh Buh Ray & D-Von Dudley [7]Cleveland, OH
1999/08/14Spike Dudley & Balls Mahoney [2]Toledo, OH
1999/08/26Buh Buh Ray & D-Von Dudley [8]Queens, NY
1999/08/26Raven & Tommy DreamerQueens, NY
2000/01/09Lance Storm & Justin CredibleBirmingham, AL
2000/03/03Masato Tanaka & Tommy DreamerMilwaukee, WI
2003/03/10Raven & Mike AwesomePhiladelphia, PA
2000/03/12Lance Storm & Justin Credible [2]Danbury, CT
Won a "three way dance" over Raven & Mike Awesome and Tommy Dreamer & Masato Tanaka
2000/04/22VACANTPhiladelphia, PA
Vacated when Justin Credible wins ECW Title
2000/08/25Yoshihiro Tajiri & Mikey WhipwreckNew York City, NY
Won a "three way dance" over Jerry Lynn & Tommy Dreamer and Simon Diamond & Johnny Swinger in tournament final
2000/08/26The FBI: Guido Maritato & Tony MamalukeNew York City, NY
2000/12/03Danny Doring & Amish RoadkillNew York City, NY
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ECW TV Title

1992/08/12Johnny HotbodyPhiladelphia, PA
Beat Larry Winters to become the first champion (they were
co-winners of a battle royal on 1992/07/15 in Philadelphia, PA)
1992/08/12VACANTPhiladelphia, PA
Hotbody broke his leg in the match where he won the title
1992/09/30Glenn OsbournePhiladelphia, PA
Beat Mr. Sandman
Osbourne's last defense of the title was 1992/12/19 in Morrisville, PA
No reason is given for Osbourne being stripped of the title, however it may
be related to the promotion having it's first SportsChannel TV taping in March
1993/03/12Jimmy SnukaRadnor, PA
Beat Glenn Osbourne in tournament final
1993/10/01Terry FunkPhiladelphia, PA
1993/11/13SabuPhiladelphia, PA
Pinned Terry Funk in a tag match (Sabu & Road Warrior Hawk vs. Terry Funk & King Kong Bundy)
1994/03/06The TazmaniacPhiladelphia, PA
1994/03/06JT SmithPhiladelphia, PA
1994/04/16Pitbull #1Philadelphia, PA
1994/05/13Mikey WhipwreckPhiladelphia, PA
1994/08/13Jason KnightPhiladelphia, PA
1994/11/04Too Cold ScorpioHamburg, PA
1994/11/04Dean MalenkoHamburg, PA
1995/03/18Too Cold Scorpio [2]Philadelphia, PA
1995/04/08Eddy GuerreroPhiladelphia, PA
1995/07/21Dean Malenko [2]Tampa, FL
1995/07/28Eddy Guerrero [2]Middletown, NY
1995/08/25Too Cold Scorpio [3]Jim Thorpe, PA
1995/12/29Mikey Whipwreck [2]Queens, NY
1996/01/05Too Cold Scorpio [4]Philadelphia, PA
1996/05/11Shane DouglasPhiladelphia, PA
1996/06/01Pitbull #2Philadelphia, PA
1996/06/27Chris JerichoPhiladelphia, PA
1996/07/13Shane Douglas [2]Philadelphia, PA
Won a "four way dance" over Chris Jericho, Pitbull #2, and Too Cold Scorpio
1997/06/07Taz [2]Philadelphia, PA
1998/03/01Bam Bam BigelowAsbury Park, NJ
1998/04/04Rob Van Dam Buffalo, NY
2000/01/29VACANTOrlando, FL
Van Dam broke his leg in a match vs. Rhino
2000/03/12Super CrazyDanbury, CT
Beat Rhino in tournament final
2000/04/08Yoshihiro TajiriBuffalo, NY
Won "three way dance" over Super Crazy & Little Guido
2000/04/22RhinoPhiladelphia, PA
2000/08/26Kid KashNew York City, NY
2000/09/09Rhino [2]Mississauga, ON
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ECW Pennsylvania Title

1993/05/14Tommy CairoPhiladelphia, PA
Won battle royal to become first champion
1993/08/07Tony StetsonPhiladelphia, PA
The last defense of this title was 1993/09/18
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ECW Maryland Title

1993/10/16JT SmithNorth East, MD
Won battle royal to become first champion
The title was never defended after this show
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F*ck the World Title

1998/05/14TazQueens, NY
Declares himself first FTW Champion
1998/12/19SabuPhiladelphia, PA
Won "three way dance" over Taz and Justin Credible
1999/03/21Taz [2]Asbury Park, NJ
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European Junior Heavyweight Title

1996/08/02The Dirt Bike KidPlymouth Meeting, PA
Billed as champion upon arrival (there was no such existing title in England)
This was his first public appearance as champion although he may have been billed as such on TV prior to this date
1996/08/02Mikey WhipwreckPlymouth Meeting, PA
1996/12/14SabuLondon, England
Dirt Bike Kid was billed as champion in England in July 1999; ECW had long ago dropped recognition of this title
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